The AHAPAC is the American Hospital Association Political Action Committee. Founded in 1978, AHAPAC is committed to keeping the views of American’s hospitals and health systems visible on Capitol Hill.

AHAPAC’s mission is simple. The AHAPAC allows leaders of hospitals and health systems and AHA employees to join with peers who share their concerns — maximizing the collective impact of their financial contributions to political campaigns and helping to elect candidates of both political parties who support the hospital policy agenda. 

AHAPAC works with the state hospital associations to meet yearly goals toward their PAC fundraising. Each year, AHAPAC sets annual state fundraising targets as directed by the AHAPAC Steering Committee. AHAPAC has successfully reached these national targets every year since 1990 through joint fundraising efforts with state hospital associations. State hospital associations use funds to support candidates at the state and local level, and AHAPAC uses the funds to support federal candidates for Congress.