SSM Health offers AONE Foundation program in-house

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SSM Health, St. Louis announced a nursing leadership program for its staff, part of a cooperative venture with AONE. The health system, which has 20 hospitals and delivers care in four states, is offering the AONE Foundation Nurse Manager Institute (NMI) education program to all the system's nurse leaders. "We believe the frontline nurse manager plays a critical role in the success of our organization," said Maggie Fowler, SSM chief nursing officer. "Investing in their development is one of the most beneficial things we can do to help develop our teams to be exceptional." The three-day course covers budgeting, quality and patient safety and nurse workforce engagement, among its topics. AONE Foundation Executive Director M.T. Meadows noted this is the first collaboration with a health system to offer the NMI course. "AONE hopes this is the first of many collaborations to offer the Foundation programs in-house," she said, "It's a convenient way to give nurse managers the best tools to perform their jobs." An NMI course, offered through SSM Health in St. Louis Nov. 9-11, still has available slots for non-SSM Health staff. (SSM Health news release, 6/30/16)