This section provides information to help you learn more about the legislative process, federal elected officials and how to educate your legislators on nursing issues.

legislative process

Committees and subcommittees with jurisdiction over health legislation

Congress has several congressional committees which have primary jurisdiction over legislation pertinent to nursing and health care. Members of the committees are the most influential health legislators on Capitol Hill.

On the Senate side:

  • Budget Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

In the House:

  • Budget Committee
  • Committee on Education and Labor
  • Committee on Energy and Commerce
  • Ways and Means Committee

The path legislation takes is influenced by positions presented formally at hearings or informally by interested parties through personal and written contacts, as well as by the degrees of concern of individual members of Congress. Lobbying activities, including organized efforts such as the American Organization of Nurse Executives grassroots advocacy activities, may provide the turning point on which a committee decision or that of an individual representative or senator is made.